Review By Kathy Fuchs

What a fascinating man Leonardo da Vinci was, and what an excellent read this is!!

This book really delivers it all, showing how Da Vinci was seen in his day as compared to his peers, and how his extremely curious mind and his desire to get it exact got in the way of him completing projects and often hampered his standing in the artist’s community and favor with political powers. His genius put him so far ahead of the time that he lived in! The brilliance of the works he did complete, and even his uncompleted sketches, opened new ways of looking at things for artists to this very day. Personal glimpses and the wealth of information presented make Da Vinci come alive for the reader.

The book also contains many beautiful illustrations, sketches, engravings etc. of several artists comparing and contrasting them with Da Vinci’s work to show his influence.

If you’re a fan of Da Vinci, DO NOT miss this biography!!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Apollo Publishers for allowing me to read an ARC of The Da Vinci Legacy in exchange for an unbiased review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Kathy Fuchs
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