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» Lecture: dalí and the 21st century (March 26, 2021)

Join us on YouTube on March 26, 2021 as Professor Jean-Pierre Isbouts, coauthor of the book “The Dalí Legacy” (Apollo Publishers/March 23, 2021) discusses the ways in which Dalí’s art continues to hold the world in thrall.

» 500 Years after Leonardo Da Vinci’s Death, New Book Considers his Legacy

Guests: Jean-Pierre Isbouts, Art Historian and Doctoral Professor, Fielding Graduate University; Christopher Brown, DDS, Director of Brown Discoveries, LLC, Co-authors of “The Da Vinci Legacy: How an Elusive 16thCentury Artist Became a Global Pop Icon”

» Barnes and Noble Book Signing – The Grove, Los Angeles, CA

Meet art historian, doctoral professor, and bestselling author Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts when he joins us to celebrate his latest book The da Vinci Legacy. For the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death comes an immersive journey through five centuries of history to define the Leonardo mystique and uncover how the elusive Renaissance artist became a global pop icon.

» Barnes and Noble Book Signing – Thousand Oaks, CA

Local author Jean-Pierre Isbouts will be signing his new illustrated hardcover book, The Da Vinci Legacy from 1PM-3PM at our store. Please stop by to show your support.

» How Did Leonardo da Vinci Become So Famous? 500 Years After His Death, a New Book Offers Some Intriguing Answers

The authors of 'The Da Vinci Legacy' make a case for an alternate reading of history.

» The Da Vinci Legacy (Live Recording)

Dr. Christopher Brown dicusses The Da Vinci Legacy in a live interview with WBTV.

» Local surgeon’s renaissance art discoveries to be highlighted in documentary, book

A majority of Dr. Christopher Brown's life has been centered on the smiles of his patients and that of the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.”

» The Full Story Behind Leonardo’s Last Supper

ArtDependence sat down with Jean-Pierre Isbouts to talk about how his new discoveries shed a different light on our image of the Italian artist.

» New Book Delves Into Decoding the Final Mystery of Leonardo Da Vinci

Professor Jean-Pierre Isbouts and Dr. Christopher Brown are among the first to trace the incredible popularity of two of Leonardo’s works, the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa.

» Unveiling the Mystery of Leonardo’s Two Mona Lisas

The second part of the interview with Jean-Pierre Isbouts focuses on his study of Leonardo’s two Mona Lisas, the identity of the portraits’ sitters, and a da Vinci anniversary celebration announcement.

» Why is the Mona Lisa not the Mona Lisa?

Jean-Pierre Isbouts, a doctoral professor at Fielding Graduate University, and Christopher Brown, a North Carolina art connoisseur, are the authors of the book The Da Vinci Legacy (Apollo Publishers), due out on April 30, 2019.

» Why is the Mona Lisa not the Mona Lisa?

One of the great riddles of modern times is why a 500-year portrait of a Florentine housewife, of no rank or title, is today the most famous painting in the world.

» In Search of Leonardo

Jean-Pierre Isbouts - one of National Geographic’s best-selling authors- has been studying and following Leonardo da Vinci’s paper trail for 40 years. He’s written about the Italian’s career and legacy, the identity of the Mona Lisa, and the secrets behind his Last Supper. Some of Isbouts findings defy our most common conceptions of the da Vinci’s life and work.

» Decoding the Final Mystery of Leonardo Da Vinci

How an elusive 16th-century artist became a global pop icon

» 6 Books To Read To Appreciate and Understand Art

Learn to appreciate the higher ideals immortalized in the art of past cultures.

» Young Leonardo: The Evolution of a Revolutionary Artist

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